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Alzheimer's patient rediscovers talent at CareWell Adult Day Wellness Center

With 28 years behind her as a practicing nurse, Joanna Morganelli has seen a lot.

However, she was moved to tears last month while attending the open day celebrations at the CareWell Adult Day Wellness Center where she volunteers.

As participants and staff mingled with each other and explored the new facility, Morganelli said a “quiet older gentleman dressed in a warm blue sweater and a baseball cap took notice of the piano standing beside a sunny window.”

“He said he hadn’t played the piano in five years,” she said. “And with that, he meandered over, pulled up a seat and started playing and banging out songs.”

She said everyone “stopped in their tracks.”

“We all gathered around smiling,” Morganelli said. “Here was Phil, this gentle quiet soul, singing jazz and tapping out songs like there was no tomorrow. Not only did he surprise us, I think he surprised himself. You could see the energy and life burst out of him. You could see the energy and life burst out of the others, too.”

Celeste Chase, the recreation/activity director at the center, said Phil “transported his reality back to being that astounding jazz player.”

“When he positioned his fingers over the ivory keys, his hesitation was for a brief moment then quickly, in the blink of an eye, he closed his eyes and stopped,” she said. “Then a broad grin grew from ear to ear and he started playing again, singing a bluesy/jazz style song to accompany his music.”

Morganelli said this sort of moment is the “vision and hope” at the center.

“A long forgotten talent that Phil himself seemingly lost along life’s journey spontaneously reappeared while visiting CareWell Adult Day Wellness Center,” Chase said. “On this day at CareWell Adult Wellness Center, Phil found himself and we found Phil.”


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